We provide fast secure access to your business applications anywhere from any device. It is cost effective, fully customisable and hassle-free.

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    Castle Hill, NSW 2154 Australia
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  • The Ultimate Cloud Based
    Virtual Managed Desktop
    Unlike other cloud solutions,
    you can run ANY business application in the cloud
    including your existing Windows business applications
    often faster than if they were installed locally.
    No lock in contract
    Our service speaks louder than any contract

100% Cloud

The Virtual Managed Desktop which can host all your business applications, even custom developed Windows apps


Your data is stored in Australian Data Centres and delivered to your device securely. No data stored on your device


Installation, support and upgrades are included in the monthly fee. No more bill shock or unexpected charges


It allows you to grow and innovate your business. No long term contract. Our excellent service keeps our customers

Moving to the Cloud? Why ITonCloud?

Future proof your business with ITonCloud

We deliver a state of the art IT system from the cloud for small to medium sized businesses just like yours. At ITonCloud, we provide a service the larger players simply can’t match. A personalised service and a better price using the latest technology.

With IT on Cloud you have
  • No servers to manage
  • No upfront cost
  • No long term lock in contracts
  • No equipment lease every time you upgrade

Why are business executives like yourselves moving their environment to ITonCloud?

The decision-making process is typically: Buying servers and storage, upgrading software and weeks of installation in-house. Maintenance of the equipment in house and repeating the process in three or four years' time does not make good business sense.

Maintaining an in-house system or using Windows Azure, Amazon or other IaaS solutions, puts companies at the mercy of the experience and availability of their IT staff or contractors. By contrast, moving to ITonCloud's 100% Cloud service allows management to focus on core business activities.

As a business expands, companies can be limited by the lack of scalability and constant investment required with their in-house IT infrastructure. A move to ITonCloud removes these constraints and allows for a simple per user cost structure. Moving to ITonCloud is very attractive for start-ups or companies about to upgrade their current IT infrastructure. In these cases, there is no capex expenditure required with a move to the ITonCloud service.

Businesses that have moved to ITonCloud are no longer required to make investment in equipment or maintenance charges. The simple per user cost model, reliability and security of our cloud environment continues to outperform in-house systems.

We believe every client relationship we have, is built on trust, accountability and a true partnership.
To this we consistently deliver superior service, outstanding value and unprecedented IT performance
unmatched in your industry.


  • Fred Cicchini

    For us it was about finding a partner that could grow with us

    Fred Cicchini Allied Health
  • ITonCloud genuinely care about our day to day needs

    Tony Hartin - CEO Refuelling Solutions
  • It just works... that’s what you want from a cloud based system

    Matthew Parsons - CFO Minitankers
  • Alex B

    The support service for ITonCloud is wonderful... Thank You

    Dr Alex B - CEO Manufacturing/Distribution

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