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How cloud impacts productivity and data security

Many industries in Australia are facing an increasing number of challenges and as a result there has been a significant shift in using technology, and in particular, cloud based mobile communications to better enable their workforces.

One sector that faces specific challenges is Australia’s healthcare sector with increasing demands for access to healthcare, aging populations and budgetary pressures.

Like many in the healthcare industry, Prestige Inhome Care is solving these issues successfully by migrating from on-premises infrastructure to a private cloud-hosted infrastructure.

Easy access to data

All their staff need to have access to their applications, documents and emails no matter where they are or what device they are using.

Prestige Inhome Care CEO Nick McDonald said:

“We face constant challenges with our workforce as the majority of our staff are mobile, working on the road travelling from one client to the next.”

“We needed to not only solve productivity issues, but make it easy for our remote staff to be connected and to be able to work securely the exact same user experience as our office staff.”

Moving to a private cloud means that Prestige Inhome Care is no longer reliant on a single location to facilitate their business.

Using ITonCloud’s Desktop as a Service allows staff to logon anywhere in the world, anytime. With an internet connection, which can even be a 4G service, you can connect into the ITonCloud private cloud and work as if you are in the same office as the rest of the staff.

Dealing with security

Given the sensitivity of their patient data, privacy and security was paramount to their business, their data is now stored securely in Australian data centres which means that their data is safe and secure and can meet any requirements their clients expect in terms of data protection.

“Data security, particularly for our mobile workforce, and managing sensitive client data that we need to store is critical. We were initially reluctant to have our data stored anywhere but right under our noses; however, the reality is we now have infinitely greater security, redundancy and privacy,” said Mr McDonald.

“With our on-premises solution we faced a constant risk to our business continuity. If the servers went down in our head office, even if we lost power, the entire business would come to a halt.”

“Having five offices all connected to our head office meant the entire workforce were down. Being in the health care business we cannot afford to be down and our clients expect to be contactable us 24/7.”

“I sleep much better at night now, knowing our business continuity is exceptional,” said Mr McDonald.

Scalable for growth

The issue for many businesses is finding technology that helps them grow and is a solution that is elastic with the business.

“We have found this solution scales to the number of services we need and we can dynamically add and remove services as our business requires them. This has been critical in facilitating our growth agenda and onboarding acquisitions and new sites quickly and with minimal expense,” said Mr McDonald.

“While business continuity and privacy were driving factors for this change, we have also been pleasantly surprised with a far greater speed and ease of work regardless of location or device.”

“We are actually saving money as we have had a significant reduction in IT trouble shooting compared to when managing our hardware on premise.”

Minimising downtime

The number one concern businesses have about going completely to the cloud is the migration process and the potential disruption to the business.

Because of the amount of sensitive client data they need to store and the number of different applications, like case management systems, and its various versions, the IT environment for these businesses can be intricate.

To ensure the security of sensitive data and to manage this complexity ITonCloud is ISO 27001 accredited and has developed a unique methodology that allows the implementation and integration of these applications quickly and easily.

Using a private cloud that provides secured access to real time data, means increased productivity, more effective and faster patient care, and ultimately enhanced patient outcomes.

About ITonCloud

ITonCloud helps businesses simplify and automate their IT systems by leveraging the cloud. With ITonCloud businesses have their entire IT environment in the cloud, including email, files and business applications, making it easy for your workforce to access anywhere, anytime, on any device with comprehensive security. Using ITonCloud’s proven and state-of-the-art cloud desktop platform eliminates the need for businesses to invest in on-premise servers, expensive hardware and support.